Beverly Buella

Director of Business Development

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Beverly began her career in real estate in 2007, when she focused her business on the acquisition of distressed residential properties throughout the Philadelphia area. Since then, she has acquired and rented or sold over $4 million in properties at no more than 25% of their value- using grass-roots marketing efforts and sourcing capital from investors through relationships that she’s established over the years.

A graduate of Drexel University, Beverly earned her degree in Finance and Marketing. She is an active member of ULI (Urban Land Institute) and serves on the committee to increase the representation of non-profits and minority owned businesses within the organization. She also serves as an active committee member for the UAC (Urban Affairs Coalition), working with other visionaries throughout the city to strategize and implement programs that improve the quality of life for residents throughout the Philadelphia area.

Beverly is passionate about sharing with others the financial freedom that investing in real estate offers, and has hosted workshops to help people understand the various ways they can build wealth through real estate.  She is an active blogger as well. You can follow her at and She resides in the Philadelphia area with her husband Francisco and two daughters Giselle and Adelina.

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